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Want to enhance you site. Java allows for you to create programs that can be run through your web browser. You can either learn to program Java and create custom programs or Cut-And-Past scripts from some of the following sites that offer free scripts. Free DataBase of at least 1871 JavaScripts.
Cut & Paste JavaScript More than 176 FREE JavaScripts you can simply paste into your HTML documernt. Also has some Pearl and CSS.
Jesse's Cut & Paste Java Script Warehouse Collection of cut and paste JavaScript programs.
Timothy's JavaScript Examples Collection of JavaScript programs intended as examples to teach you Java., EarthWEB The very best in JAVA applets, every concivable gadget, just go there.
Java Developer Loads and loads of all types of freebies under the sun!
JavaScript Town Javascripts, date, ticker bars, last updated, counters, email, Hello Visitor and many many more
Java Developers Kit From the people who gave the world JAVA (not microsoft!), the Java developers kit youcan download here, this is what you need to design your own applets from scratch, this site at has acres of  resources and info on the JAVA world.
Java Goodies Buckets of applets and scripts to do just about anything
Widgetry Design a web page with NO HTML!, all in one APPLET, now there's a challenge! Their Index Page is One BIG applet!
JavaScript Planet This site has over 600 free JavaScripts, many free dHTML scripts, 6 tutorials, 7 forums, and more!
The JavaScript Source An excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut & paste" JavaScript examples for your web pages.
GaScripts GAScripts - Advancing JavaScript. JavaScript Gallery, JSBook, Workshop, & Links. Home of javascripts GALORE!