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Free Mail

To start out. There are a few different kind of eMail offered. 1st and probably the most popular one is called Web-Based eMail. Web-Based eMail is eMail that you read, edit, & send mail through your Web Browser (Netscape/Internet Explorer). You don't need any extra programs to use this type of eMail. 2nd is called POP (Post Office Protocol) . This is send and recieved through a different program (Ex. Eudora). This was the first type of mail offered on the web. 3rd is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Which can also be accessed through your Web Browser if your Web Browser supports it. But this one is usually in a minority of choice. The 4th is Dial-Up-eMail. So far only 1 company offers this. Juno 
    W.B. POP
Atlink Comm.   YES   YES  
ColdMail   YES  
Email4Life  Temporarily Down.   YES
Excite Mail     YES
Fastermail     YES
Free Web Email   YES  
Frodo     YES
Geocities      YES
HempSeed Temporarily Down.   YES
HotMail    YES  
Iname   YES  
Myownemail   YES  
Net Address     YES
NetForward   YES  
NetTAXI Email & Hosting YES  
PEmail      YES
RocketMail   YES  
Soft Home   YES  
StarMail   YES  
Startrekmail   YES  
SurfMail   YES  
WamMail   YES  
Free eMail Forwarding services are also available, so that if you change you eMail address for any reason, you still recieve your eMail under the same address. It works much like regular mail forwarding.
Free eMail forwarding and Web site forwarding.
4insurance Free Email
Free eMail forwarding service.
Atlink Communications
Free eMail forwarding service.
Free eMail forwarding service.
CheatWorld Pair
Free eMail forwarding service.
First Waco National Bank
Free eMail forwarding service.
Friendly E-mail
Free eMail forwarding service with many domain choices.
iName is similar to StarMail. It also has 100's of domain choices
Free eMail forwarding service.
Free eMail forwarding service.
Shark's Forwarding
Free eMail forwarding service.
Free eMail forwarding service with 100's of domain choices.
Other Mail Services
Read Mail Free service that allows you to check POP mail account through the Web. Send an eMail from the Web without setting up an account.
MailStart Add eMail service to your site.
ZapZone Add eMail service to your site.