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Reciprocal Linking
This method works really well and its quite simple. Find out which sites are refering all the site your and write them an email requesting them to add your link to their web site. Make it sound something like this.
Hi, I have had a link to your site on my page (some.url.html) for quite a while now, and I was wondering if you could return the favour and place a small link to my site somewhere. Please let me know what you think. Cheers, you.
This method works so well because it putts the reciever in a difficult position, because they now need to help you out because you are helping them out. Assuming you have linked them, they might have noticed the click through traffic. This makes your request a resonable, and harder to turn down.

Some tips you might want to make a note of:

It helps to accually have a link to their site on your site for a week of so, so that they can notice the traffic refered.

Make sure that your links are similar to the type of site that you are submiting.