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Learn CGI
The CGI Specification   7
CGI Made Really Easy This primer focuses on writing CGI scripts to process HTML forms on the Web. 7
Perl CGI Programming FAQ   9
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language   9
CGI Tutorial: Start Tutorials that introduce the new users at the CGI programming. 10
Introduction to The Common Gateway Interface Very useful resource, it explains with an ease of understand way all main features of CGI method, all information that you need to start the learning CGI programming is here. 10
Database Resources Teach several aspects about database design, extremely on topic to CGI programming, these tutorials focuses Microsoft Access, but you can use this knowledge to other's database applications. 10
Ten minutes to CGI Programming in C A fast introduction about CGI programming using C, but it is very useful for farther programming using C and is a great text for those familiar with C and want to start to programming CGI apps. 10
News Groups
Authoring CGI    
Unix web servers    
Perl language misc