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Welcome to your #1 source for building and promoting websites. I have designed this sight to help all of you out there, who want to build a web page and publish it, but don't want to pay the money or learn a ton of stuff to do it. I hope you find the information and links on this site helpful in serving your web needs. I will be update this site about twice a week, as I gather and review more sources.
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Getting Started
So you want your own web page. The first thing you need to do is create one. Do you have a Netscape Navigator? Yes (if No, Read on.) There are two basic ways to create a web page. 1. You can create one by hard coding it yourself.(You can create this from a regular text editor, in windows or DOS, but you will have to learn how to program in HTML , Its a fairly easy language). 2. Use a HTML program as visual interface to the coding. (You can create a web page this way without having to know any code at all.) Click here to select a shareware HTML program. After you have learned HTML or downloaded a HTML program

Adding Features
Now you can add features to your page to improve quality, and increase web visitation. The first basic feature is a Counter. This will help you monitor how many people visit your site. Some of these counters are also trackers that will show you statictics on the people that visit your site. Like what Operating System they use, web browser, geographical location ect... Click here to select free counter/tracker.

You can add graphics to your web page to give it the feel of a professional web site without having to create them. Click here for a list of sites that offer free graphics.

You can also add a guest book to your site pretty easy. A guestbook allow visitors to ask questions and leave comments. You can get good feedback from your visitors with this. Click for a list of free guest books.

You can add Java Script to your web site as easy as cut-and-paste. This can be a simple program for addition, some fun program for visual effects, or games. There are two basic ways to add this to your page. 1. You can learn to program Java Script. (Which is a much harder language to learn than HTML, but very useful for creating custom programs for you page ) Click here to learn to program Jave Script 2. Or you can cut-and-paste it from sites that provide free scripts. Click here for a list of cut-and-paste sites.

As your site grows you may want to add a Chat Room, to give user with the same interest of your site to exchange information, or just chat. Click here to select a Chat Room.

An even deeper level of web programming is CGI script. All major sites use CGI script.CGI scripts allow webpages to move beyond being static and react to user input. The only problem is that you can not use CGI script on your site without access to a CGI/BIN directory right off the root directory of your site. Which you don't usually have access to if your site is hosted by someone else. But there are ways around that. You can access CGI script from someone else's root. Click here to learn CGI. There are also cut-and-paste sites for CGI scripts. Click here for free CGI Scripts.

Other free services. Click for other free services.

Finding a Web Server
The next step it to find a server to put you page on, so that web users can access your site.You now have two options on displaying your page on the web. 1. First off, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), usually provides a certain amount of web space to you when sign up. Check with you ISP to see if they offer this and find out how much space they give you and how you upload your pages to you space. 2. There are several web space providers that will give you free space on their site. (However, they usually justify this by putting an advertisement on you page.) Click here to select a free web server.

Getting Visitors
No one know your on the web you have to make it easy for them to find you. You can submit you your site to each search engines manually, or you can use submission engines to submit your site to multiple search engines at a time. Click here for list of sites that use multiple submit.

There are also some things that you can do when submitting your site, so that your site is more likely to be listed on search engines. Click here for tips on submitting.

You can check your listed position on search engines. Use this to find out what position you are is and who is ahead of you, so that you can improve you sites position, and increase your site traffic. Click here to select a Search Engine Ranker.

You can also increase your web traffic by joining a banner exchange service. The way it works is several people join an exchange program and submit a banner for their site. Then everyone of them cuts-and-pastes code into their site to retrieve a banner from the exchange service. So basically you display other peoples banners and they display your. All of the banners are display at random. Click here to chose a banner exchange program to join.

Ther is also another kind of linking called Reciprocal Linking. Reciprocal Linking is where you ask other sites to ad your link to their site. There are sure fire ways to ask. that have not yet failed. Click here to learn how.

So your site is up and your getting a lot of hits everyday. Now you can make your site work for you, by putting banners on your site. There are advertisement companies that act as the middle party to find investors that want to advertise on your site. All you have to do is sign up with one of these companies and you can get paid every time someone clicks on that ad. Click here to select an advertising company.
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